Company Information

What We Do

The Consumer Direct Title Company is a full service title insurance company that provides real estate title and escrow closing services directly to the consumer. Unlike most title companies, the consumer is our customer, not the realtor, not the bank and not the mortgage broker! Whether you are selling a home, buying a home or refinancing a home the Consumer Direct Title Company will have your best interest as our #1 priority.

In addition, Consumer Direct Title differs from other title companies by working exclusively with people who are selling or buying their homes on their own without the assistance (AND COMMISSION) of a realtor. It is our mission to give you all the tools, as well as the knowledge and confidence, to sell or buy a home by owner without the hassle and expense of paying a commission. We want YOU TO KEEP ALL THE EQUITY you have worked so hard to build, for yourself.

Who We Are

Not all title companies are created equal..... In fact, the owner of this specialized company has sold a combined total of 9+ homes "By Owner"! We would say that makes us a great authority on "know how" as well as knowing "what not to do" when taking on the task of selling your house on your own. We are no different than any other home seller, we just happen to work in the title insurance business, which is the key and most important piece to the puzzle when selling and transferring real estate.

This is what sets us apart from all others. Most title companies provide services to realtor/realty companies and mortgage brokers. Sadly, these title companies are often not willing to work with people who are representing themselves in the sale of their property. NOT US!!! This is the place where you are embraced and welcomed! We answer any and all of your questions and are here to hold your hand every step of the way! This is what sets us apart from all the rest!

Our Objective

It is our mission to be your #1 resource and tool for the successful sale of your property. We will provide you with a step by step process that will culminate in a stress free closing.

Our services and expertise far surpass our competition and we want to pass on any information we can that will help you succeed.

Let's face it, one of the main, if not the only reason to sell your home by yourself, is to SAVE MONEY! Let us help you accomplish that goal.